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Community and Culture with Khadija Moustafa

"Even if I present my work, a lot of the time it isn't really finished. It's almost like you've just started a conversation with yourself about something, and you're exploring it more for yourself; to understand yourself better."

Khadija Moustafa, photographed by Julian Bailey

In Minoricity's first podcast, we connect with Khadija Moustafa, a 25-year-old photographer and DJ based in Glasgow.

Khadija was born to an Egyptian father and a Scottish-Lithuanian mother, and she discusses connecting with her culture whilst being raised in Scotland. Along with finding identity, we talk about how she avoided the creative route for a majority of her life, inaccessibility in art school and how she hopes to represent underground musicians.

Auld Lang Grime series by Khadija Moustafa

Khadija takes us through the process of creating her favourite collection of photographs. Auld Lang Grime was collated after Khadija spent time in the underground music scene, taking pictures of undiscovered gems in the grime genre.

Auld Lang Grime series by Khadija Moustafa

Khadija hopes to bring a platform to these musicians, recognising that Scottish artists are still yet to be appreciated outside the country.

Listen to the podcast below:


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